Thermal Imaging [Color Thermography]

  • INTENSO utilizes infrared imaging systems with powerful software to provide a fast and effective means of identifying potential problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, refractory and insulation materials. This information is compiled into a comprehensive report using easily interpreted text with the infrared image and a visible light reference. Preventive or corrective repairs can then be scheduled on a priority basis.

Introduction to Infrared Thermography

  • Infrared thermography is an effective means to identify excessive heat loss in systems or materials.
  • Every object radiates electromagnetic energy invisible to the human eye but visible to specialized equipment. Thermal imaging radiometers can detect and measure infrared radiation, and produce a map of colors or varying shades of gray that show the surface temperatures of the object. The lighter colors or shades represent the warmest temperatures, and the darker colors or shades the coolest. By analyzing the temperature signatures of equipment, problem areas are quickly identified and recorded along with all of the related temperature information.

Common Applications

  • Thermography was first utilized in the inspection of electrical equipment to locate high resistance connections or faulty components. It has also been proven in finding areas of reduced insulation in buildings and refractory materials, and even leaks in building roofs.
  • Inspection of rotating machinery is a way in which thermography is now being used more extensively. It has been found effective in identifying faults in bearings, couplings, and shorts in motor cores.

Thermography is Cost and Time Effective

  • A non-contact, non-destructive means of testing.
  • Reduce industrial electrical and mechanical downtime.
  • Virtually eliminate unnecessary work.
  • Reduce unnecessary material expenses.
  • Avoid catastrophic failures.
  • Direct maintenance to the root of the problem.

Our Services Include:

  • Refractory Applications.
  • Annual Inspections.
  • Testing and Documentation's.
  • Insurance Inspections.
  • Process & Product Applications.
  • Energy Conservation.



  • We have wide range of electrical experience.
  • We have honest, hardworking and committed team.